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Frequently asked questions

Cedar shake and shingle roofsHow can I figure out how much material I'll need?
Check local resources to find an experienced, reputable roofer who has knowledge and experience in applying Wood Shakes and Shingles (this is very important!). He or she will help you figure out exactly what you need. It's not as easy as just converting your square-footage to the correct number of squares of shingles or shakes, so by all means, enlist the help of an experienced professional for this important task.

What's the best way to find a reputable contractor?
A Cedar Roof is an important and valuable investment. Talk to your local distributor, talk to friends who have wood roofs, or check for a highly-rated professional on Angie's List. There's a small fee to join, but you'll get access to in-depth reviews of service and tradespeople in your own area from other local customers, which can be invaluable. Be sure to get recommendations and find an installer who appreciates the value of a Wood Roof. Additional helpful information about choosing a contractor is available from the Cedar Bureau.

My local buildling code specifies that my new roof must be fire-retardant. Does a cedar roof qualify?
While a Cedar Wood Roof is not naturally fire-retardant, Class A, B & C fire-retardant shingles/shakes are available. These have been pressure-impregnated with fire-retardant polymers before they reach you in order to provide permanent fire protection. Details about the performance of these fire-retardant shakes and shingles is available here. When considering a Wood Roof, you should check your local building code to see whether fire-retardency is required in your area

What is CCA treatment? Can it be combined with fire-retardant treatment?
CCA-treated shakes and shingles have been pressure-impregnated with wood preservatives that provide long-term protection from fungal decay, extending the life of your wood roof. Please note that you can you can have shingles treated for fire retardency, or you can choose to have CCA preservative-treated shingles, but the two treatments cannot be combined.

Preservative-treated shakes and shinglesHow will a CCA-treated roof look a few years after installation?
CCA is a preservative treatment infused into Shakes and Shingles through a high-pressure process before they're delivered to you for installation. CCA treatment helps protect and extend the life of a wood roof. Wood roofs naturally age to gray. In the photo at right, you can see this gradual process illustrated. The larger portion of the roof (on the left) is three years old. An extension of the original garage necessitated the installation of new roofing, visible on the right side of the photos.

What kind of maintenance does a wood roof require?
Like cleaning your car; routine maintenance is important to the longevity of your shake or shingle roof. For the most part, this means periodic cleanings to remove leaves and/or tree needles, and making sure moss is not establishing itself on the roof if you have conditions that would encourage it (a long rainy season, for example, or extended shade from surrounding trees.) You can download a comprehensive PDF maintenance guide from the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau here.

How many feet does a bundle of the ridge cover?
Shingle ridge covers 16.5 linear ft. per bundle. Tapersawn ridge covers 16.7 linear ft. per bundle.

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